Coastal Public Access and Risk grants (CPAR) is the competitive grants component of a $7.2 million investment under the Victorian government’s Towards a healthy and resilient marine and coastal future. 2017-18 is the first year of a two-year funding commitment.

In addition to CPAR, the funding will support the Coastcare program, critical coastal asset maintenance, and greater traditional owner involvement in planning and management.

The objective of CPAR is to provide financial assistance to coastal Crown land managers for projects that reduce coastal risk through identification, mitigation and monitoring. Given the range of risks that are inherent in a dynamic coastal environment, this program aims to support a strategic and balanced approach to risk management along the Victorian coast.

This initiative builds on the great work achieved under the previous Coastal Environments Program grants – which saw over $2.58 million in funding provided to 77 projects over four years.

Who can apply?

Appointed coastal Crown land managers in the state of Victoria can apply for grants of up to $150,000.

The program provides a financial contribution to projects based on the annual revenue of the applicant and where the proposed project location is on coastal Crown land, as defined in the Coastal Management Act 1995 s.3(1), where the reservation/management status provides for public access.

Program Information

For detailed program information, including funding criteria and contact details, please read the Funding Guidelines:

Funding Guidelines_ Coastal Public Access and Risk 2017-18 (PDF, 652.6 KB)

Funding Guidelines_ Coastal Public Access and Risk 2017-18 (DOCX, 3.5 MB)

Application process

Applications are open for five weeks, from 9am 18 September 2017, and close at 4pm on Friday 20 October 2017.

Prior to applying, please read the Funding Guidelines found on this page, and discuss the project proposal with your local DELWP contact.

Please note that the online application process now uses the Grants Online platform, and not SmartyGrants as was used in previous years. This will require applicants to set up a new user name and password.

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