Our coast is important to all Victorians and is a special place for us to live, visit and work. Healthy coastal and marine environments support biodiversity, wellbeing, business and recreation.

The current coastal management system has provided a strong foundation that we can build on to meet long term challenges that face our coasts, such as impacts from climate change, population growth and ageing coastal structures.

The Marine and Coastal Act Consultation Paper (PDF, 4.1 MB) was prepared in 2016 with the guidance of an expert panel.

Seven drivers for change in our current marine and coastal management system were identified:

  • clearer governance and institutional arrangements
  • strengthening marine management
  • integrating planning systems
  • adapting to climate change
  • sustainable resources
  • improving knowledge
  • involving the community.

Marine and Coastal Act timeline

The Consultation Paper outlined objectives and a series of reforms to Victoria's coastal and marine management system. The proposed system will include a new Marine and Coastal Act and other reforms that support Victorians to effectively manage coastal and marine areas into the future.

The release of the Consultation Paper in August 2016 was followed by an eight-week public consultation period in which 115 submissions were received from various stakeholders.

These are included in the following documents:

The feedback will help inform the development of the new Act and important changes to our marine and coastal environments.

A Consultation Summary (PDF, 448.8 KB) report has been developed to provide an overview of the feedback received.

More information

To contact the Marine and Coastal Act Project Team, email Marine.CoastalAct@delwp.vic.gov.au.