These parks and sanctuaries cover about 5.3 per cent of Victoria’s marine waters. They complement our land-based parks and reserves system, which is an integral part of our way of life and economy.

Vast knowledge gathered by marine scientists over decades helped identify the areas that are included in the marine national parks and sanctuaries. Using underwater videos, sampling and data analysis, they continue to add to what we know about our diverse marine environment.

Marine national parks
Marine National Parks

  1. Discovery Bay Marine National Park
  2. Twelve Apostles Marine National Park
  3. Point Addis Marine National Park
  4. Port Phillip Heads Marine National
  5. Westernport Bay Marine National Parks
  6. Bunurong Marine National Park
  7. Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park
  8. Corner Inlet Marine National Park
  9. Ninety Mile Beach Marine National Park
  10. Point Hicks Marine National Park
  11. Cape Howe Marine National Park

Marine sanctuaries
Marine Sanctuaries

  1. Merri Marine Sanctuary
  2. The Arches Marine Sanctuary
  3. Marengo Reefs
  4. Marine Sanctuary
  5. Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary
  6. Point Danger Marine Sanctuary
  7. Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary
  8. Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary   
  9. Jawbone Marine Sanctuary
  10. Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary
  11. Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary
  12. Beware Reef Marine Sanctuary

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